HIP NEWS March 21st 2016

HIP NEWS March 21st 2016

Wednesday 23 March 2016 at 14:15 in A315
Sami Nurmi (Jyväskylä)
On Higgs physics in the early universe

Abstract: I discuss the role of the Higgs field in the very early universe. Inflationary fluctuations of the Higgs field generically form a primordial Higgs condensate which might have left observable signatures. Stability of the SM vacuum against the fluctuations implies stringent constraints on Higgs couplings to spacetime curvature, or requires physics beyond SM. I review the stability constraints which may open interesting insights in probing new physics. I also discuss the decay of the primordial Higgs condensate which determines the duration of the early out-of-equilibrium epoch. If time allows, I comment also on the observational signatures of Higgs inflation.

Last sign-up date 21.03.2016, Staff training: Project Management Training for Researchers will begin on 5 April
Time: 05.04.2016 – 06.04.2016

Last sign-up date 21.03.2016. Sign up in http://www.helsinki.fi/trainingcalendar ( Staff Training Calendar HENKKA)
More information https://flamma.helsinki.fi/fi/osaaminen/hakemisto-ja-palvelut-henkilostoasiat-osaamisen-kehittaminen-ja-koulutus-staff-training-project-management-training-for-researchers-5-64

I Stage: The application time ends on March 29, Tekes competition: Challenge Finland solves problems and makes the business
Finland Challenge is a competition where the retrieved commercialization solutions to major problems. The competition aims to effectively combine top Finnish research and business research and development.

The competition has two stages. Financing of the first phase of the competition is intended for research organizations. I Stage, the application time: 28.1.–29.3.2016.

More information about the application time


M. Archidiacono 5.4. – 8.4. (FM)
K. Boguslavski 4.4. – 5.4. (AV)
P. Dendooven 24.2. – 6.4.
P. Montgomery 21.3. – 22.3. (IK)
G. Moore 13.4. – 15.4. (AV)

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