HIP NEWS March 29th 2016

HIP NEWS March 29th 2016

Monday 4 April 2016 at 10.15 in A315 Note Day!
Mirko Berretti (HIP/Totem)
Exclusive processes with TOTEM and CT-PPS: results, perspectives and experimental challenges

Abstract: The latest results and the physics potential of the TOTEM experiment at the LHC will be presented. This include searches for glueballs and new physics together with CMS and a deeper understanding of elastic scattering. For LHC RUN-2, a joint CMS-TOTEM project (CT-PPS) has been approved to study exclusive particle production at the highest LHC luminosity. With the recent indication by the CMS and ATLAS experiments of a possible resonance in the 750 GeV mass region, the CT-PPS, initially designed to search for anomalous gauge boson quartic couplings, will give a relevant contribution in a possible confirmation and study of this new resonance. I will review the CT-PPS status and plans for 2016 LHC running.

In the second part of the seminar I will concentrate on the new detectors designed to precisely measure the time-of-flight of the scattered protons produced in such exclusive processes at medium and high luminosity to be able to reject pile-up. Timing detectors based on diamond sensors have been developed by TOTEM and will be used in the first phase of the CT-PPS project. I will summarize the detector development, performance and perspective for this promising technology.

I Stage: The application time ends on March 29, Tekes competition: Challenge Finland solves problems and makes the business
Finland Challenge is a competition where the retrieved commercialization solutions to major problems. The competition aims to effectively combine top Finnish research and business research and development.

The competition has two stages. Financing of the first phase of the competition is intended for research organizations. I Stage, the application time: 28.1.–29.3.2016.

More information about the application time


M. Archidiacono 5.4. – 8.4. (FM)
K. Boguslavski 4.4. – 5.4. (AV)
P. Dendooven 24.2. – 6.4.
G. Moore 13.4. – 15.4. (AV)

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