HIP NEWS January 16th 2017

HIP NEWS January 16th 2017

Monday 16 January 2017 at 14.15 in E206
Matthew Lippert (Long Island University) Note new time and place!
Shining Light on Quantum Gravity with Pulsar-Black Hole Binaries

Abstract: Pulsars are some of the most accurate clocks found in nature, while black holes offer a unique arena for the study of quantum gravity. As such, pulsar-black hole (PSR-BH) binaries provide ideal astrophysical systems for detecting effects of quantum gravity. With the success of aLIGO and the advent of instruments like the SKA and eLISA, the prospects for discovery of such PSR-BH binaries are very promising. We argue that PSR-BH binaries can serve as ready-made testing grounds for proposed resolutions to the black hole information paradox. We propose using timing signals from a pulsar beam passing through the region near a BH event horizon as a probe of quantum gravitational effects. In particular, we demonstrate that fluctuations of the geometry outside a black hole lead to an increase in the measured root-mean-square deviation of arrival times of pulsar pulses traveling near the horizon. This allows for a clear observational test of the nonviolent nonlocality proposal for black hole information escape. For a series of pulses traversing the near-horizon region, this model predicts an rms in pulse arrival times of ~30 mus for a 3 M_sun black hole, ~ 0.3 ms for a 30 M_sun black hole, and ~ 40 s for Sgr A*. The current precision of pulse time of arrival measurements is sufficient to discern these rms fluctuations. This work is intended to motivate observational searches for PSR-BH systems as a means of testing models of quantum gravity.

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Emil Aaltosen säätiö. Vuorineuvos Emil Aaltosen vuonna 1937 perustama Emil Aaltosen Säätiö tukee suomenkielisten tutkijoiden luovaa tieteellistä tutkimustyötä myöntämällä apurahoja.
Apurahojen hakuaika on vuosittain 15.1. – 15.2.2017. Lisätietoja: http://www.emilaaltonen.fi/

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