HIP NEWS May 22nd 2017

HIP NEWS May 22nd 2017

Wednesday 24 May 2017 at 14.15 in A315
Stefano Camera (University of Turin)
Synergistic cosmology across the spectrum.

Abstract: ‘Synergy’ means ‘the interaction of two or more agents to obtain a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects’. With this in mind, in this talk I shall present my current lines of research, all relying on developing novel combinations of astrophysical and cosmological observables to the aim of testing the foundations of the concordance cosmological model. Specifically, I shall discuss cosmological tests of gravity and inflation on the largest cosmic scales, indirect detection of particle dark matter signatures, and studies of dark energy and modified gravity models. All, with a view on the current and oncoming generation of cosmological experiments and large-scale surveys.

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The deadline for the call is 14 September 2017.

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OPEN CALL: ERC Advanced Grant – ERC-2017-ADG
ERC Advanced Grants allow exceptional established research leaders who has track-record of significant research achievements in the last 10 years, in order to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains.
Deadline for the call is 31 August 2017
Flamma https://flamma.helsinki.fi/en/tutkimusrahoitus-horisontti2020/research-funding-horizon2020-european-research-council-erc-funding

Osk. Huttusen säätiön apurahat haettavissa 15.5.-15.6.2017. Apurahahakemus tehdään lomakkeelle, jonka saa säätiön kotisivulta www.oskhuttusensaatio.net https://flamma.helsinki.fi/fi/HY363943

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