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Program of the Workshop on b / tau physics at the LHC

Thursday 30.5.

Arrival and Registration 08:00 -
Chairman V. Karimäki
D. O. Riska Opening of the workshop by the Director of the Helsinki Institute of Physics 09:00
K. Huitu (Helsinki) Review of SUSY Higgs scenarios 09:15-10:00
J. Tuominiemi (HIP) for D. Denegri (Saclay) Status of the LHC construction 10:00-10:30
Coffee break
M. Mannelli (CERN) CMS tracker design 11:00-11:45 pdf
L. Silvestris (Bari) CMS tracker software 11:45-12:30 ppt pdf
J. Keinonen Welcome by the Head of the Department of Physical Sciences ppt1 ppt2 avi1 avi2 mpg 12:30-12:40
Chairman M. Mannelli
M. Gruwe (CERN) Susy using b and tau signatures at LHC 14:10-14:40 ppt
J. Kanzaki (KEK) Higgs searches with ATLAS using b- and tau signatures 14:40-15:10 ps
R. Kinnunen (Helsinki) Review of Higgs searches in CMS 15:10-15:55 pdf
Coffee break
S. Lehti (Helsinki) Tau tagging using impact parameter in H_SUSY -> tau tau in CMS 16:15-16:30 pdf
H. Kurki-Suonio (Department of Physical Sciences) Status of cosmology today 16:30-17:15

Friday 31.5.

Chairman J. Tuominiemi
J. Brooke (Bristol) Overview of the CMS Level-1 Trigger 09:00-9:30 pdf
T. Todorov (IReS, Strasbourg) Track reconstruction for HLT and off-line 09:30-10:15 ppt
Coffee break
D. Kotlinski (PSI) CMS pixel track reconstruction, optimization of the pixel detector 10:45-11:30 pdf
A. Nikitenko (Imp. College) Tau trigger optimization in CMS, Calorimeter 11:30-12:00 pdf
G. Bagliesi (Pisa) Tau-trigger optimization in CMS, Tracker 12:00-12:30 ppt
Chairman L. Silvestris
K. Lassila-Perini Electron reconstruction and selection in CMS High Level Trigger, electron triggers in H -> tau tau -> eX 14:00-14:45 pdf1 pdf2
P. Vanlaer (Brussel) Vertex reconstruction in CMS 14:45-15:20 pdf
L. Wendland (Helsinki) MSSM H0->tau tau->3-prong using vertexing at CMS 15:20-15:40 ppt
Coffee break
F. Palla (Pisa) b-tagging in CMS 16:00-16:30 ppt
R. Aleksan (Saclay) Status of B physics today 16:30-17:15 ppt
Conference dinner 18:30-

Saturday 1.6.

Chairman T. Todorov
E. Tuominen (Helsinki) CMS detector resolution 9:00-9:20 ppt
P. Luukka (Helsinki) for H. Katajisto (Helsinki) CMS TOB support structure: tolerances 09:20-09:50 ppt
A. Ostaptchouk (Aachen) CMS Tracker hardware alignment 09:50-10:30 ppt
Coffee break
V. Karimäki (Helsinki) Software alignment of the CMS tracker 11:00-11:30 ppt
T. Lampén (Helsinki) Detector Alignment by Reconstructed Tracks 11:30-11:45 pdf
M. Mannelli Closing words 11:45-12:15 ppt
Suomenlinna sea-fortress excursion 14:40-

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