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Time Thursday, Mar 8 Friday, Mar 9
09.00K. EnqvistK. Kajantie
09.30S. RäsänenE. Keski-Vakkuri
10.00K. KainulainenH. Kurki-Suonio
11.00M. YamaguchiD. Podolsky
11.30D. LythF. Vernizzi
12.30Lunch & Free time for discussionsLunch & Free time for discussions
14.00N. JokelaT. Mattsson
14.30S. KasuyaS. Kawai
15.00T. KanzakiM. Kawasaki
15.30T. TakayamaD. Grumiller
16.30T. TakahashiN. Sugiyama
17.00K. IchikawaY. Tanaka
17.30M. SlothEnd
19.00Conference dinner

Enqvist, Kari: Towards MSSM inflation

Grumiller, Daniel: Modifications of Gravity vs. Dark Matter/Energy (pdf)

Ichikawa, Kazuhide: Neutrino Mass Constraints from WMAP and SDSS

Jokela, Niko: Towards a Background for String Gas Cosmology

Kainulainen, Kimmo: Constraining f(R)-gravity models on solar system scales

Kajantie, Keijo: Little bang, big bang and gravity duals (pdf)
One of the highlights of gauge/gravity duality is the prediction of the equation of state of strongly coupled supersymmetric Yang-Mills matter. We study how this duality could be extended from static to dynamic phenomena, to Y-M matter in ideal expansion. Planning to study spherical expansion in Minkowski space, a little bang, we end up with big bang, the flat FRW metric. Nevertheless, the result also applies for the little bang in the rest frame of the flow.

Kanzaki, Toru: Cosmological constraints on neutrino injection (pdf)

Kasuya, Shinta: Line and diffuse gamma rays from MeV moduli

Kawai, Shinsuke: The worldsheet theory of T-folds and Mirror-folds in superstring compactifications

Kawasaki, Masahiro: Moduli Problem, Thermal Inflation and Baryogenesis (pdf)

Keski-Vakkuri, Esko: Thermodynamic interpretation of time: a string example

Kurki-Suonio, Hannu: Planck Satellite (ppt,mpg_1,mpg_2,mpg_3,mpg_4,mpg_5,mpg_6,mpg_7,mpg_8)

Lyth, David: Primordial non-gaussianity and quantum field theory (pdf)
Primordial perturbations are supposed to originate during inflation, from the vacuum fluctuation of one or more bosonic fields. Non-gaussianity corresponds to a correlation between different Fourier components, generated by an interaction in the field theory describing the perturbations. Focussing on the curvature perturbation, we review the present situation in the standard scenario and in the curvaton scenario, and point to future directions of research.

Mattsson, Teppo: An Inhomogeneous Cosmological Model without Dark Energy
I will explain how an inhomogeneous model of the universe can fit various cosmological observations without dark energy and accelerating expansion.

Podolsky, Dmitry: Localization on the Landscape (pdf)

Räsänen, Syksy: Accelerated expansion from structure formation (ppt)
I discuss the possibility that the observed accelerated expansion of the universe could be explained by accounting for the effects of the inhomogeneities related to structure formation, without introducing a new matter component or modifying gravity. I demonstrate with an exact toy model how gravitational collapse induces accelerating expansion, and discuss how this mechanism could work in the real universe.

Sloth, Martin: The Matrix Reloaded - on the Dark Energy Seesaw

Sugiyama, Naoshi: Cosmic Magnetic Fields

Takahashi, Tomo: The Nature of Dark Energy and its Implications to the Inflationary Universe

Takayama, Tsutomu: Baryogenesis via left-right asymmetry generation by Affleck-Dine mechanism in Dirac neutrino model

Tanaka, Yoshiharu: Gradient expansion approach to nonlinear superhorizon perturbations (ppt)
Using the gradient expansion approach, we formulate a nonlinear cosmological perturbation theory on super-horizon scales valid to $O(\epsilon^2)$, where $\epsilon$ is the expansion parameter associated with a spatial derivative. We consider the case of a single scalar field, and take into account not only scalar but also vector and tensor modes. We derive the general solution under the uniform-Hubble time-slicing. In doing so, we identify the scalar, vector and tensor degrees of freedom contained in the solution.

Vernizzi, Filippo: Nonlinear perturbations of cosmological scalar fields (ppt)

Yamaguchi, Masahide: Kinetically formed Q-balls

Conference dinner at: Restaurant Töölönranta

There will be a choice between a vegetarian/nonvegetarian menu. Thursday morning we will circulate a list, where we ask you to indicate your choice, and inform us of any food allergies. The conference dinner is free for registrants.