HIP NEWS December 14th 2015

HIP NEWS December 14th 2015

MSc. (Tech.) Juska Pekkanen was awarded the 2015 Fundamental Physics Special
Recognition Award by the CMS spokepersons Joseph Incandela and Tiziano Camporesi
7.12.2015 at the opening plenary session of CMS Physics Week at CERN. The
special recognition is due to Juska’s appreciated efforts in jet calibration
studies and his major contributions to the recently submitted dijet resonance
search result that is the first public new physics search with 13 TeV
proton-proton collisions (http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.01224).

Thursday 17 December 2015 at 14.15 in A315
Martin Krššák (Sao Paulo)
Teleparallel gravity and the role of inertia in theories of gravity

Abstract: The central role in general relativity is played by the principle of equivalence, which suggests that gravity and inertia are locally indistinguishable, and it is hardcoded into general relativity through the use of the Levi-Civita geometry. In this talk, I will present an interesting work-around to this problem known as teleparallel gravity. It can be understood as a dual theory to general relativity, where gravity is attributed to torsion of spacetime, rather than curvature. As it turns out, in this theory it is possible to separate (non-locally) the problematic inertial contributions from gravity, and define the finite, purely gravitational, action. I will show that this subtraction of the inertial effects closely resembles holographic renormalization, and discuss its applications in holography and modified gravity.

Friday 18 December 2015 at 10.15 in A315
Ville Keränen (Oxford, Note day!)
Thermalization in the AdS/CFT duality

Abstract: We study examples of out of equilibrium systems in the context of the AdS/CFT duality. We attempt to draw general conclusions from these studies and in particular will highlight the role of black hole quasinormal frequencies in determining the rate at which these systems approach thermal equilibrium.

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Fortcoming training for employees: Finnish for international personnel
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Academic year 2016-2017: THE OSK. HUTTUNEN FOUNDATION
The Osk. Huttunen Foundation offers grants to young Finns for the completion of doctoral studies and for postdoctoral research work at universities outside Finland.
Dead-line for applications 15.1.2016.
Further information: http://www.oskhuttusensaatio.net/english.html

M. Krssak 16.12. – 18.12. (AV)

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