HIP NEWS November 7th 2016

HIP NEWS November 7th 2016

Friday 11 November 2016 at 13.00-15.20 in D101
Helsinki Institute of Physics 20 years

Talks by Vattulainen, Eskola, Oinonen, Heikkurinen, Haeggström, Björkroth on their experiences with HIP. A reception follows.

Wednesday 9 November 2016 at 14.15 in A315
Olga Cucciati (INAF-OABO Bologna)

TEDxCERN 4th Edition – Ripples of curiosity – TODAY
Webcast of the 4th TEDxCERN event which took place on Saturday will be shown today 7.11. at 14-19 in E205. More information on http://tedxcern.web.cern.ch/.

Helsinki Higgs Forum, 14-16 December 2016, Physicum, Kumpula campus
The aim of the Forum is to bring together Higgs physics experts representing its different facets: phenomenology, cosmology and experiment, and create a productive atmosphere for exchange of ideas across the fields.
The Forum is also expected to engage local students and staff providing them with the state of the art in Higgs physics. The format of the meeting assumes plenary talks only as well as a young scientist forum.

Registration is open.
Further information and registration at: http://www.hip.fifi/hhf

The organizing committee
Oleg Lebedev, Katri Huitu, Paula Eerola, Kari Enqvist.

Open position
The Department of Physics invites applications for a professor or assistant/associate professor.
The deadline for applications is 30 November, 2016.
The details can be found in https://www.helsinki.fi/en/open-positions/professor-assistant-professor-experimental-particle-physics

Staff training for International Staff – Fall 2016
Training: Finnish Working Culture
Time: Wednesday 16 November 2016, 9:00-16:00
Sign up via Staff Training Calendar Henkka

O. Cucciati 7.11. – 11.11. (FM)
P. Dendooven 7.11. – 9.12.
S. Nesseris 14.11. – 17.11. (FM)
K. Langeable 7.11. – 11.11. (KT)
G. Rigopoulos 10.11. – 11.11. (KE)

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