Selected talks

CMS Pixel Phase II meeting 17.3.2014, Development of AC-coupled planar silicon pixel detectors at HIP, Panja Luukka

JYFL Colloquium 13.12.2013, Development of radiation hard silicon radiation detectors for upgraded LHC experiments, Jaakko Härkönen

Vertex 2011 23.6.2011, Current Injected Detectors (CID) for very harsh radiation environment, Jaakko Härkönen

RESMMD10 12-15.10.2010, AC―coupled pitch adapters for silicon strip detectors, Jaakko Härkönen

RESMMD10 12-15.10.2010, Test beam results of Current Injected Detectors (CID) irradiated up to 5×1015 neq/cm2, Jaakko Härkönen

CMS SiUp WG meeting 30.9.2009, Update on the analysis of the SiBT summer 2009 beam test data, Jaakko Härkönen

GSI-FAIR Kumpula seminar 6.10.2008, Radiation hard silicon detectors for GSI/FAIR experiments, Jaakko Härkönen

IFAMST 2008 12-14.6.2008, Radiation hard silicon for medical, space and high energy physics applications, Jaakko Härkönen

11th RD50 Workshop 12-14.11.2007, TCT and CCE measurements for 9 MeV and 24 GeV/c irradiated n-type MCz-Si pad detector, Jaakko Härkönen

STD6 12.9.2006, Magnetic Czochralski silicon as detector material, Jaakko Härkönen

10th ESSD 12-16.6.2005, Thermal donor generation in Czochralski silicon particle detectors, Jaakko Härkönen