The Invited Talks

The Title of Talk
V. Abaev Pi+p discrete phase shift analysis at 77-750 MeV/c
S. Ceci Model-independent extraction of Breit-Wigner parameters
A.M. Green The eta-nucleon scattering length and effective range
M. Hadžimehmedović How to include photoproduction into CMB formalism? A progress report.
P. Metsä Forward analysis of pion-nucleon scattering
J. Niskanen Predictions of striking energy and angular dependence in pp->(pp)S-wave pi0 production
H. Osmanović How to include photoproduction into CMB formalism? A progress report.
D.O. Riska Chiral symmetry and Poincare covariance in hadron physics
M. Sadler Status of 21st century experiments to measure pion-nucleon scattering reactions at momenta 1-3 GeV/c
M. Sainio The GMO sum rule
J. Stahov Partial wave dispersion relations as a test of PWA
R. Siudak The Final State Interaction in pp->pi+ (n p) and pp->K+ (Lambda p) Reactions
A. Švarc The singularity structure of meson-nucleon PW scattering matrices
L. Tiator Photo- and electroproduction of pseudoscalar mesons and nucleon resonance analysis
L. Tiator Pion-nucleon scattering in a meson-exchange model up to c.m. energies of 2 GeV
S. Watson Effects of dispersion relation constraints on partial-wave amplitudes near the Roper resonance
B. Zauner Application of the model-independent method for T-matrix pole parameters extraction - The end of Speed plot?

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